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Interested in Adopting One of Our Fluffy Dogs?

Fluffy Dog Meetings Available by Appointment
This is a by APPOINTMENT ONLY opportunity to meet one or two of our dogs. 

If you are interested in meeting a dog, please complete an application on our "How to Adopt" page,
 and indicate in the comments the dog you are interested in, and what time you would like to come.

 Please know that these dogs are not housed at this location,
so an appointment is needed to allow their foster family can bring them to this location.
Not all of these dogs will be available at one time for viewing. Just one at a time, by appointment.

Who:  Gypsy Rose, Winthrop, Beauty, Minka, Princeton, Watson, Klara, Mattie, Twiggy, Tuffy, Jenner, Kipling, Willow, Jack Sparrow, Pirate, Buchaneer, Genna, Odessa, Chumley, Halo, Shroeder, Colin, Violet, Shermy

What: Meet a Fluffy Dog

When: Sat. morning May 10th

Where: Hartland

Why: These Fabulous Fluffy Dogs are looking for wonderful, loving, forever homes

To make the best use of our volunteer's time, all adult family members must attend the meeting. 
Please do not bring your dog. This is just an opportunity for you to meet the dog.

 Also, watch this page, as these dogs are still for adoption, and may get adopted.
The only way to hold a dog is to pay the application fee, and start the approval process.
 Information on the approval process is on the "How to Adopt" page. 

 You must apply by Fri. May 9th at noon, in order to make your appointment. All appointments will be confirmed by email.

We will be closed from April 12th through April 27th.
During this time no applications will be processed, and no adoptions will take place.
We will also not be responding to emails.

They are all so cute, how do I choose?

 After over 2,500 adoptions and seven years, please let us help you. It is not necessarily the look of the dog, but what is inside. All of the dogs that are in our care do have information in their listings. Many also have blogs with additional photos. This should help, along with a few basics. 

*   We have many Terriers. Terriers were bred to hunt little animals. This means they need a lot of free running time/fenced yard. They will            bark. It is their nature. For someone looking for a spark plug in their life, a terrier is the perfect dog. A couch potato they are not. They are        the comedians of the dog world with many more quirks and silly, fun to watch habits to watch than other dogs, provided they get the                 exercise they need. You just can't be in a bad mood when you watch these guys!

*   Poodles are typically a much more low key dog. While they are still hunting dogs and need exercise, they do not have the small animal             instincts that you will find in a terrier. For the most part, they do like to sit on the couch and hang out. 

*   Young dogs have a lot of energy no matter what the breed. A young dog is a dog under five years of age. A dog in this category will need to     be run a few times a day. Do you have a fenced yard? Do you have a dog park or tennis court nearby? Do you like to run? If not, maybe a       young dog is not for you. 

*   We do get in dogs that are shyer than others. A shy dog is not a good match for a busy household. If you have a lot of activity, you will want      a dog that is more outgoing. 

*   If you are older, you will want to consider how long you will be able to keep a dog. Seniors do better with senior dogs. Many of our dogs             have been rehomed because their older owners were not able to care for them anymore or their living situations did not allow it. Please do       not ever put a dog in a situation where they may have to be rehomed. 

*   Puppies are a lot of work. They need someone to care for them throughout the day, not only for potty training, but for good health and             socialization.

*   Size-This can make a big difference. What size dog fits you, your home and your lifestyle? We have dogs that are 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs and       20 lbs. and I will tell you all of these sizes bring different things to your life. A 5 lb. dog is very fragile and can break a limb jumping off the         couch. A 10 lb. dog is great for carrying around, but maybe a little small for some people. A 15 lb. dog is about mid-size in the small                   category. Looking for a little bulkier smaller dog, that would be your 20 lb. dog. From there we have the medium and large dogs. All are             great, it just depends what works best for you.

Bottom line: Before you look through the list of wonderfully Fluffy Dogs, make a list of what you are looking for in a dog.
Then read over the listings to find a dog that matches your list. You will then find the right dog for you!

Our Behaviorist has created the following website for people looking for a dog.
Everyone should take the RightDog4U before applying.

 Below are a few of my favorites

Shermy, Violet and Shroeder
-They are all cut from the same mold. They are terriers. By nature they do some barking, chase small things and have energy. This group is shy. They will love you like nothing else, but most likely will be shy with strangers in the home. This is why we would like to see them in a home with children 13 and up. Super fun to watch and a fenced yard will help with that. They are clowns and will make you smile at their silly antics!

Jenner- He came here with his mom, who has been adopted. While not the typical Fluffy Dog, there are plenty of Chi people out there who will just love him. Great compact sized guy. His foster mom thinks he looks like a mini black lab.

Thomas-Someone is going to get a wonderful dog. He came to us flat-coated and has been around the Fluffies too long and has gotten Fluffy himself. His personality is wonderful. Sweet as can be. 

Let me try to make some generalizations on the dogs that are in Wisconsin

Dogs not for families with children under thirteen. This is not because they are aggressive, but their size and/or the activity of children is not the best situation for them. 
Diamond, Violet, Shermy, Schroeder, Genna, Bennett

Dogs for the first time dog owner.
Grimsby, Jenner, Kearney, Ripley, Thomas, Pirate, Jack Sparrow, Buchaneer, Genna, Odessa, Lucky, Tuffy, Twiggy, Halo, Kipling, Joey, Mattie

Outgoing Dogs.
Colin, Nate, Cryzz, Thomas, Lightning, AJ

Shy Dogs.
Violet, Shermy, Shroeder

Dogs that don't shed.
Colin, Diamond, Sweat Pea, Tiny, Joey, Ella, Kipling, Mattie

Medium dogs (20# and up)
AJ, Nate, Ripley, Lucy, Chumley, Thomas

Cary, Princeton and Lightning are our only large dogs.

This is by no means a complete list, and unfortunately can not be maintained daily, but may give you more direction in making the right selection. 

Click on the photos for more information on a particular dog. 

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