Fluffy Dog Rescue

Interested in Adopting a Fluffy Dog?

Please read this in its entirety before submitting an application.

We are a private rescue and do not have a phone number or facility.
Out of respect for our volunteers, please do not try to call.

Everything you need to know to adopt will be found on this site.
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

If you have questions, after reading everything carefully, please email us at fluffydogrescue@gmail.com. 

You will be asked to pay the application fee once a preliminary review of your application is completed.
Once the application fee is paid, we do not work with other applicants for the dog.
If a listing does not say application received, we have not received
an application on the dog and you are welcome to apply.

We do have a $30 application fee.
This fee is applied to the adoption fee once you adopt.

Make sure you are ready to adopt and please do not submit an application
if you are not ready to take the dog home within a week.

Our approval process takes about that long, but once you are approved we expect you to meet the dog and make an adoption decision.  If you are proceeding with adoption, you take the dog home the day you meet him//her.  If needed, we do give you 24 hours to make your decision prior to making the dog available for adoption again.

Our dogs are coming from southern kill shelters. In most cases they are strays and if surrendered no name or information was left. We do not know their "stories", where they came from or background health history. Their new lives start when we take possession of them. 

We do require obedience classes be taken by all our adopters.

You must be 24 years of age or older and live in WI, IL and southern MN to adopt.

We do not adopt to families with children under the age of six, as this is an insurance regulation.
We created our policies. Please do not ask for us to waive them.

Please know that we are an adoption and not a sales agency. This means that we reserve the right to ask questions of our adopters and approve them based on the information provided to make the best lifelong matches for our dogs.

What do I need to do to start the process?

  • Please submit an application which can be found below. We ask that you be respectful of our volunteer's time and only apply if you are ready to adopt and have discussed this with all family members. We do not Pre-Approve applicants who do not see a dog they are interested in at this time. 
  • After we review the application we will send you an email with our Adoption Letter and Contract attached. These files are also below and you will want to read through them before applying. In the Adoption Letter and Contract email, we will also be requesting that you pay the $30 application fee through our paypal donation button. We do require that you pay the $30 application fee prior to meeting a dog. This is because you must be approved to meet a dog and there are costs associated with approving applications. 
  • We will do an initial reference check with your current veterinarian to ensure your current or past pets have been spayed/neutered and kept up-to-date on all shots and heartworm preventative.
  • We will schedule a home visit at your home. All members of the family need to be present during the meeting. We will not bring the dog that is up for adoption. The purpose of this home visit is to discuss your needs and expectations in searching for a dog, and also the needs of a dog in general. We will educate you on proper care and training of your dog and answer any questions you may have. Our volunteers are local volunteers in your area. They are not going to know the particulars of the dog you are interested in. That happens in the next point.
  • If all of the above goes well, we will put you in touch with the dog's foster parent, so you may set a time to meet your Fluffy Dog. If you do not believe the dog is a good match for you, do not adopt it. The $30 application fee is valid on the adoption of any dog at any time.

What vetting will my adoptive dog have? Please click on the Adoption Letter Link.

Adoption Letter

Please review the adoption contract below. Every adopter must agree to our contract.

Adoption Contract

*****Please, Please,
Please do not apply unless you have discussed this with your entire family and are ready to adopt.****

We spend hundreds of dollars each year processing applications only to find the applicant:
  •  Didn't tell her husband she was getting a dog 
  •  Is going on vacation in two weeks
  •  Has not gotten over the passing of their last dog
  •  Just moved into their home. We require you have been in your new home or apartment for a month before adoption.
  •  Has a health issue, like a surgery, that has come up in the past twelve hours
  • Does not want to pay the $30 application fee without meeting the dog (See our Frequently Asked Questions page)
The application is easy to fill out and you are excited, but PLEASE wait to fill it out 
until you know everyone in your family is ready for a new family member.
The time wasted on these applications is taking time we need to save lives. 

Fluffy Dog Rescue makes a substantial effort to assure that adoptable animals are in good health. It is possible, however, that undetectable illnesses or conditions may be present or incubating at the time of adoption. Therefore, our Adoption Counselors do not make any guarantee as to age, behavior, breed, health, temperament or ultimate size of any animal.

WI State License #270548

Adoption Application
Please take your time and complete the application in it's entirety. 
We only process complete applications.

Name of Dog Interested In: *
Your  Name: *
Your Age: *
Spouse/Partner Name and Age: *
Spouse/Partner Age: *
Street Address: *
City: *
Zip Code: *
(5 digits)
Daytime Phone: *
Evening Phone:
Email: *
(Please do not make a mistake on this. We will not be able to contact you.)
How many adults live in the home?: *
Names & Ages
How many children live in the home?: *
Names & Ages
Is anyone in your family allergic to?  DogsCatsOther
This dog will be without human companionship: *
How many hours per day, days per week?
Where will the dog be kept during the day?:
Where will the dog be kept during the night?:
Will you crate the dog?: *
Do you have a fenced yard?  YesNo
Describe fence material and height:
Where do you live?:
Do you own or rent?  OwnRent
Landlord's Name and Phone:
What will you do with your pets if you move?: *
How much do you anticipate spending annually on your dog?: *
Food, vetting, license, etc.
Pets owned in last ten years Pet #1
Name, Breed, Sex, Age, Altered, Kept where?, Still own?, If not, what happened and when?
Pets owned in last ten years Pet #2:
Name, Breed, Sex, Age, Altered, Kept where?, Still own?, If not, what happened and when?
Pets owned in last ten years Pet #3
Name, Breed, Sex, Age, Altered, Kept where?, Still own?, If not, what happened and when?

Pets owned in last ten years Pet #4
Name, Breed, Sex, Age, Altered, Kept where?, Still own?, If not, what happened and when?

Who is (was) your vet for the above animals?:
 Clinic Name
What is Your Vet's Phone Number?:
Would you allow a representative from FDR to visit your home as part of the approval process?:
Have you adopted from Fluffy Dog Before?:
Do you realize a dog may live 15 years or more?:
It may take your new dog two or more weeks to adjust to its new home. Are you prepared for this?:
How do you plan to housetrain your dog?: *
By clicking the submit button, you agree that you are ready to bring home a dog in seven days or less. If you need to think about things, ask your family or are going on vacation, then WAIT and submit the application when you are ready. Your compliance with this will allow us to focus on saving lives. Fluffy Dog Rescue LLC reserves the right to deny applicants.
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