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​​Interested in Adopting One of Our Fluffy Dogs?

Is a Rescue Dog for Me?

Rescue seems to be the latest buzzword, and this is good and bad. It's wonderful that people are becoming aware of the horrible overpopulation of pets in our country, and the lack of support by our government to control this. With that being said, a rescue dog is not for everyone.

Most of our dogs come from kill shelters in Alabama. We don't receive any health or temperament background. Many of our dogs don't even have names when we receive them. Most are strays, but often times we aren't even told if they are strays or owner surrenders. Our dogs are not aggressive, but in most cases they have never lived in a home. They will not be housebroken, or know their names or obedience commands. While we do put them in foster homes and sometimes work on this, you will see by their listings that they may have only been with us a few months. This is only enough time to adjust to their new lives here. You should expect to put in the work of housebreaking and training. Also, often times we see behavior issues like resource guarding develop. This is not something we will know in the months they are with us. It's not something that one can't work with, but it's work. We are happy that you are looking to save a dog, but please realize you are not getting the perfect dog, and there will be work to do. Is a rescue dog for you?​

They are all so cute, how do I choose?

After over 4,500 adoptions and thirteen years, please let us help you. It is not necessarily the look of the dog, but what's inside. All of the dogs that are in our care do have information in their listings. Many also have blogs with additional photos. This should help, along with a few basics.

* We have many Terriers. Terriers were bred to hunt little animals and are tenacious. This means they need a lot of free running time and fenced yards are very helpful. They will bark. It's their nature. For someone looking for a spark plug in their life, a terrier is the perfect dog. A couch potato they are not. They are the comedians of the dog world with many more quirks and silly, fun to watch, habits than other dogs, provided they get the exercise they need.

You just can't be in a bad mood when you watch these guys!

*Poodles are typically a much more low key dog. While they are still hunting dogs and need exercise, they don't have the small animal instincts that you will find in a terrier.

For the most part, they like to sit on the couch and hang out.

*Young dogs have a lot of energy no matter what the breed. A young dog is a dog under five years of age. A dog in this category will need to be run a few times a day. Do you have a fenced yard? Do you have a dog park or tennis court nearby? Do you like to run? If not, maybe a young dog is not for you.

* We do get in dogs that are shyer than others. A shy dog is not a good match for a busy household.

If you have a lot of activity, you will want a dog that is more outgoing.

* If you are older, you will want to consider how long you will be able to keep a dog. Seniors do better with senior dogs. Many of our dogs have been rehomed because their older owners were not able to care for them anymore, or their living situations did not allow it.

Please don't ever put a dog in a situation where they may have to be rehomed.

*Puppies are a lot of work. They need someone to care for them throughout the day, not only for potty training, but for good health and socialization.

* Size-This can make a big difference. What size dog fits you, your home and your lifestyle? We have dogs that are 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs and 20 lbs. and I will tell you all of these sizes bring different things to your life. A 5 lb. dog is very fragile and can break a limb jumping off the couch. A 10 lb. dog is great for carrying around, but maybe a little small for some people. A 15 lb. dog is about mid-size in the small category. Looking for a little bulkier smaller dog, that would be your 20 lb. dog. From there we have the medium and large dogs.

All are great, it just depends what works best for you.

* Shedding-Most people want a dog that doesn't shed, and that isn't realistic unless you want a poodle. Dogs just shed. Please click on the link below to read more about dogs and shedding.

Bottom line: Before you look through the list of wonderfully Fluffy Dogs, make a list of what you are looking for in a dog. Then read over the listings to find a dog that matches your list. You will then find the right dog for you!

​Which dogs are a good match for me?

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