Fluffy Dog Rescue

What is a Fluffy Dog?

Well...it all started with Bailey, the Original Fluffy Dog.
In 2006, I was like many of you looking at dogs on Petfinder.
It was many months and countless dogs later that I came across a posting that said, "Dog Urgent". Yes, it caught my attention, just like it would yours. There was a photo of this cute, small white fluffy dog.

I had to do something, so I called the shelter in
Blount County, AL, and they said she had two days left.
We were able to arrange transportation to Wisconsin in five weeks. That would give me enough time to break the news to my husband.
He was a lab guy, but would not notice this dog was fluffy.

The day she arrived we were so excited, but were quite surprised when she was larger than we thought.
We later discovered that she was just a pup
and kept growing to her current eighty pounds.
During that summer I kept telling her that she was such a fluffy dog.
I also thought about all the dogs I could not save
and had some time on my hands, as I spent quite a bit of time
looking at Petfinder before Bailey.

Then it came to me....I could save more, but just not bring them home, and so a network of volunteers developed into
what is today known as Fluffy Dog Rescue.
Thank you Bailey!

How we do what we do.

I soon found that Bailey was not the only Fluffy Dog.
There were countless dogs in need in kill shelters in southern states. The mission began: To save the lives of single coat, low shed,
fluffy dogs of any size in need.

This would take a network across the country.
We have a Coordinator in Alabama, thank you Becky.
She works more than full-time with kill shelters and rescues
to connect us with the dogs in need. The vets in Alabama are the ones doing our vetting and in most cases the kill shelters
and rescues coordinate this. Becky also is our Transport Coordinator. 

Typically we have fifty dogs in house, so that takes a lot of wonderful people to provide food, homes and love to these dogs.
They are amazing people.

What People Are Saying About Fluffy Dog Rescue

"My family has now adopted two dogs from you, Vancouver and Hallie Berry. On behalf of my family, I have to say we have adopted the two sweetest dogs I have seen. Both have adjusted very nicely. We have had Vancouver for 2 1/2 years and he fit in immediately. Hallie Berry was a bit timid for the first few weeks, but now has become the "queen bee"!
Thank you for rescuing these dogs!!!!! We have had a wonderful experience!! "

Terri in the Fox Valley

"We are so excited to meet the two dogs and see which one is the pick (or actually which one picks us is more like it).

I would like to thank June and Alexandria for their commitment to the dogs they are fostering. Without you this meeting would not be happening. We will be forever grateful.

I look forward to hearing your response, and just wanted to complement everyone involved with Fluffy Dog, because you are the best run, most efficient and most communicative organization that I have come in contact with. I look forward to adding our names to the Fluffy 1200!"

Chris in Sturtevant

"I adopted Gadsby 5 days ago from Fluffy Dog Rescue! I couldn't have asked for a more loving dog. He is so sweet and gentle! Gadsby is absolutely wonderful and gets along great with my grandkids. He plays with his toys and behaves perfectly on his leash and really likes to sit on the couch. Thank you so much for helping me adopt such an amazing dog! I loved how smooth the process was and how quickly I got to bring him home. I am signing him up for a basic obedience class soon. Thank you again for all of your help!"

Susan in Hartland

I would like to thank you and your organization for rescuing Lola.
We have had her for about a month and she is has adapted very well. We love her very much as she is everything and more than anyone can expect in a dog. I was curious as to how our other dog Journey would accept her. Journey is a 120lb German Shepard and he scared Lola just by his size. Within a week we found Lola cuddled up to Journey for an afternoon nap.

The foster families and people like you are the real heroes. Thank you once again. I am a big fan of everything you and you group are doing.

Catherine in De Pere