Fluffy Dog Rescue

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Parasites?
Parasites are microscopic organisms that feed off a living body.

How do I know if my dog has Parasites?
There are many parasites that will not show up on a stool sample because they could be living somewhere other than the digestive system, such as the liver or brain. All dogs have some parasites and worms and should be treated regularly to remove them from the animal.

How are Parasites harmful to my dog?
Parasites eat all the good nutrition/minerals in the body and cause various symptoms, such as agitation and irritability.

Why does my dog chew on him/herself?
This is typically from an allergy to chemicals or something in their diet.

What is Demodex and what can I do if my dog has it?
Demodex is caused by microscopic mites multiplying out of control on your dog. The reason this happens is due to an immune problem. Dogs and people have these mites, but our immune systems keep them in check. For some dogs their bodies are not able to do this and they develop large, painful sores that can eventually kill them. The treatment for this is dipping the dog in very toxic chemicals that often destroy the nervous system. We have developed a treatment plan including diet and supplements that will treat Demodex in a manner that will maintain your dog's health during and after treatment. Just ask Bailey, she had it.

My dog is sore or arthritic. How do I know what to give him and how does it work?
Typically the cause of this is toxins. MSM, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin are used, along with an anti-inflammatory such as Corsatin.

Why are antibiotics harmful and should only be used in serious cases?
Antibiotics are overused and upset the digestive tract.

My dog has chronic ear infections. What can I do?
Many times this is caused by overgrowth of yeast or bacteria. Yeast can be controlled with diet, Candida Clenz and enzymes. Bacteria can be controlled with a natural antibiotic, such as Phytobiotic.

What is Candida and how does it affect my dog?
Candida is an overgrowth of yeast system-wide. Dogs with Candida will show rashes, ear infections and sores.

Why is liver health/function so important?
As a dog ages the liver shows signs of stress due to preservatives in their food. This can lead to liver cancer and illness.

How do I obtain optimum liver function in my dog?
The liver needs to be cleansed and supported. Products such as Liver Forte and Sylimarin, cleanse and support the liver.