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Joan's original email:
"Lucy is having some issues with pancreatitis, and I'm thinking that if I changed her diet, it might help. I've done some reading, and one of the things that might help is getting her off of all fat, and she definitely can't have soy. If you can get me some info, I would appreciate it. Thanks."

After one bottle of Pancreatrophin:
"Lucy is like a new dog since she has been on this supplement. Can I get another two bottles of Pancreatrophin?"

Joan-New York

Easton is a Fluffy Dog. We rescued him from an Ohio kill shelter in November 2008. As you can see from the photo, he was in horrible shape and I knew a vet would kill him with the antiboitics and steriods they prescribe for these conditions.

His hair was missing on most of his body and his skin was itchy, red and inflamed. Many of our clients report of these same symptoms, just not always as severe. Easton had this same issues that all of our clients have, Microscopic Parasites and Candida.
As soon as he came to us, we went to work and put together a Wellness program for him. After four months, he was adopted looking like this.

There is nothing known to our medical professionals to kill microscopic parasites and candida/yeast. We have developed products to address this with a pharmacist in Germany and have used them on people for over 30 years. Every program is individually tailored to your dogs needs and is updated every week. Not every body is the same and they change. Please read our newsletters on our Articles page to find out more about the "Yeast, Parasite and Grain Connection" and "Yeast in Dogs". If your dog is having ear or skin issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. Everything is done through email, so we can work worldwide. Easton is very thankful for the help and your dog will be too!

Lori-Fluffy Dog Wellness & Rescue


"Lilly went to visit Santa on Nov 8th, 2008.
This was the week we started the program from you. If you look at the Lilly's front paw on Santa's knee, you will see it is brown. It is supposed to be white. As of this morning, it is about 75% white again. I am very glad this is working for her, she is a much happier pup again."

The following week....

"I had her into the vet on Friday for shots and they commented on how good she is looking. She has even gained 2 pounds and her paws are getting whiter by the day. Chewing and scratching are almost non existent. "

Darrin, Ann & Lilly

Hi Lori! I'd just like to write to give you an update on Whitley's ear infection. But first, I just want to thank you for your consult. It has been a while, but if you remember, Whitley had a really terrible ear infection that was found to be both bacterial and yeast in nature. I ran him through his course of an antibiotic/steroid cream twice daily as well as daily ear cleanings and his ear had still not cleared up. With your reccomendation to switch his food, his ear infection is gone and so is the terrible smell coming out of his ear! Thanks again! Whitley thanks you too! Your help was priceless!

Jessica-Waukesha, WI

Nordic Naturals is the highest quality cod liver oil available. I use it myself and give it to my pets. We take cod liver oil daily because it helps in so many ways, with allergies, skin and coat quality, digestion and joint care. I'm getting mine from Fluffy Dog Wellness, so I can have my cod liver oil and help out the Fluffy Dog Rescue at the same time.

Dr. Ken (DVM) - Madison, WI

"We had Huckelberry's DNA done by Bio Pet Vet lab and found out he is Borzoi, Labrador, and Chow. They send back a nice report with some general characteristics of the breeds they find in the DNA as well as a certificate of breeds for the dog. We were very happy with this company and have found that they are one of the least expensive to use. Our vet offers a similar service for $149, but we paid less through Fluffy Dog Wellness." (Huckleberry is a Fluffy Dog Alumni, that we called and Irish Wolfhound. Most of our dogs are a combination of many dogs, that are quite difficult to pick out)

Greg & Diane - Palmyra, WI
Exactly one year ago today (May 27th) Buckley (formerly Muttley), came to stay and taught me some very important life lessons.

He didn’t respond to our voices for several days and we became frustrated. His charming, laid-back personality that we initially liked was probably dog-speak for “I don’t hear very well.” Lori firmly but patiently explained that since he was from a southern puppy mill he most likely had many problems that Fluffy Dog had seen time and time again. Buckley scratched at his right ear until the fur was gone and it was becoming infected; he scratched at all parts of his body until the fur was gone; he licked his paws incessantly. My veterinarian, who practices complementary and alternative medicine, was stumped by the ear problem.

After several months’ of veterinary visits with no improvement (but a big dent in my budget), I began reading the Fluffy Pet Wellness website. The testimonials of other rescue families were very convincing: I switched both dogs to a raw diet, talked to Lori at length about treating Buckley’s symptoms holistically, ordered several bottles of the recommended regimen for Candida and microscopic mites, and began the process of hiding up to 38 pills in his food at each meal! Buckley began improving and we have never looked back, except to marvel at the turnaround. An unexpected benefit of the new diet was that neither dog messed in the house again. Ever. On his previous diet of the typical dry food (albeit expensive dry food) Oscar would regularly have diarrhea or throw up that we couldn’t explain. Prior to the new diet Buckley had some terrible bouts with diarrhea that I couldn’t explain, and he also had a habit of ‘marking’ in certain areas of the house (which I attributed to his 7 or 8 years of being in a puppy mill.)

Buckley has lived up to our first impression of his charming personality, and then some. When he first got here, socks began to inexplicably disappear. One day I was moving some things in the basement and found his cache. When I e-mailed Peggy (his foster mom), she said he had stashed several socks in a dog bed that she found only when she took it apart to wash it. We’re still careful about leaving socks within his reach, so now he has graduated to my sports bras and an occasional piece of underwear that catches his attention. Nothing is ever chewed up; just carefully stowed away. If he sees us watching him carry something away, he willingly places it in our outstretched hand.

He also LOVES his walks: on the occasional day we can’t walk due to weather they usually go to a doggie day care where Buck has learned all about playing! Now he understands how to grab a toy and run, or chase Oscar to try to get the toy back. My house is mostly wood floors with several area rugs and he tries hard to leap from rug to rug so he doesn’t have to slip on the wood; so now he goes bounding through the house with joyful abandon that has us laughing out loud.

This past year of watching Buckley being ‘reborn’ as a normal dog has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have learned that no matter how awful my day has been, coming home to a smiling furry face can erase it all, helping me to see a simpler life through the eyes of a happy dog.

Thank you, Lori

Hi Lori
I just wanted to email you an update on Madi. We started her on the program Wed. night so as of tonight she has had 2 full days of the regime. We had already noticed a significant difference after about 1.5 weeks on the Taste of the Wild food, but I actually think she has been "biting" at herself less today. I am just so excited that she seems much much less miserable and her hair is starting to grow back. Let me know if have any other suggestions, so far we couldn't be happier. Thanks!

I was actually just telling my husband that I wished I had taken a picture of her balding spots before we started her on the program because the hair is already growing back in! I just received the 2nd bottle of the Candida-Clenz and the Proto-Clenze ( I did not pay any attention to how much was in each bottle so I of course ran out after about 3 days) so she will be starting that again tomorrow. I'll give you an email in a few days to let you know how she is doing. Thanks

Madi is the the one with the ears :) You can kind of see the sore that was on her ear in that picture which is now completely healed because she is no longer always scratching at it. Like I said in the other email she had two very big spots on either side of her that she had nearly scratched all her fur off and now the hair is growing back.....we could not be happier! Thanks!

Meghann - Whitewater, WI

"Cotter's Getting Better!"

Hi Lori,

Cotter has been on the program for a full week now and the difference in her ear problems was immediate! She has not shaken her head at all: she hasn’t nibbled on her paws and it may be wishful thinking but, her ears don’t seem as hot (although they still have a little heat going on in there)! I do exercise her frequently but, it still seems like she is even mellower than usual ~ so much happier.

I have cut her meds down according to your direction and she continues to improve. I want to thank you and your Mother for your recommendations ~ for your knowledge and your willingness to share.

Lee - Kimberly, WI


Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived right on time, and I cannot thank you enough for such outstanding service! I just posted a link to your website on my facebook page with a brief review of how beautifully you handled my complicated order, and what a great selection of raw foods you offer. Hopefully this will lead some other raw feeding friends to check you out!

Have you ever considered creating a FB page for your site? Let me know if you ever do one up; I'll be sure to stop by and "like" it enthusiastically!

Thanks again, so much! I usually feed raw meat to my kids, and ordered the dehydrated for future travel with them when fresh raw isn't feasible. Rest assured I'll be back next time I need to order!
Laurie - Gilford, CT


I had never heard of Diatomacious Earth and wondered why I would be putting it on the dogs, cats, furniture and carpeting. (I had used flea bombs before and was not keen on turning off pilot lights, putting all foodstuffs away and finding a place for the animals til the bomb was done. I was happy to see that DE was nontoxic to animals; it could be put in their food and on their bodies. I opened the bag to find a substance something like flour. I used a strainer to sift the DE all over the affected areas (bedding, couches, carpeted areas around couches, etc). It didn't matter if the cats, dogs and I walked on it. Getting it in to the carpet fibers would be a good thing. I think I left it on about a day (which was more than required). I judged the DE's effectiveness as to how many flea bites I got. The number of bites went down drastically. After the initial treatment, I continued to rub the DE into the coats of the cats and dogs. I was diligent in combing them everyday to find any fleas. After a bit, the fleas were gone with a minimum of hassle. I would definitely use Flea and Parasite Rid (DE) again.

Kris - Mequon, WI