Thank you for your interest in our rescue. We are entirely volunteer run. In order to allow us to continue operating in this manner, and saving dogs, we need you to use our website for information. There is no phone number, and the less inquiries we get the more time we have with the dogs. You can expect your emailed inquiries to be responded to during regular business hours:

Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm.

Our dogs are located in the Milwaukee Four County area unless we have indicated otherwise.

Under the Rescue tab above, you will see many resources for your use:

Adoptable Dogs-This is where you will find our dogs for adoption. This may or may not work on your mobile device. That is determined by Petfinder. will have a listing of all the dogs we have available for adoption. We do not have any more than what you see, and all the information we have is on each dog's listing. There is no need to ask if a dog is available. If it is on the site, it should be, or we are in the process of updating, or waiting for additional information from an applicant. We update seven days a week all day long. 

How to Adopt-This will tell you how to adopt one of our dogs. Before you apply, please read the information on this page, the Information Sheet and Contract. That will better prepare you when you do apply. The Adoption Application is at the bottom of the How to Adopt page is is very easy to use. Please take your time and complete it correctly, as errors slow down the process and keep us from doing our lifesaving work. 

Frequently Asked Questions-If you have a question it can most likely be answered here. Please read over this page before contacting us. 

PLEASE Help Save a Life. All of your questions can be answered on our website. Take the time to read, so we can focus our time on saving lives. The dogs deserve it. We do not ever make exceptions to any of our policies. 

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