Volunteer Opportunities

Dog Shift Lead Volunteer:
Do you love dogs and need to get out of your house?  Fluffy Dog Rescue is in need of dog care shift lead volunteers. 

The facility is staffed with our shift leads and volunteers from 8am-12pm and 6pm-9pm daily.  This person will be responsible for feeding the dogs, cleaning crates, cleaning the facility, laundry, rotating dogs out in play groups, administering medications as needed, learning the register for our store front, and delegating duties to our walking volunteers.  These volunteers will need to have big dog experience and an excellent work ethic.  Animal welfare inherently can be dangerous and often our dogs were found as strays, therefore they lack basic obedience, social skills, and leash manners.  This is a volunteer position, no compensation will be offered (aside from dog kisses)! 

A person can volunteer one shift a month or one a week. It's up to them. 

Dog Walkers and Socializers:
We can't rescue dogs without these people. They're our boots on the ground.

These individuals walk rescue dogs at our facility in Hartland, but it's really more than that.

They work on training and socializing. You can do as much, or as little as you like. We have a calendar where you choose what shifts and what hours in those shifts you would like to volunteer. We are open daily 8-12 and 6-9pm.

Facility Help:

If walking and working with the dogs is not for you, we need help in our facility. Washing dishes, doing laundry, sweeping and mopping, washing walls, and cleaning crates. You can choose what you like to do and when. 

Fundraising Coordinator:

This individual will seek out fundraising opportunities,

and recruit a team of volunteers to assist in carrying out the tasks needed to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Special Events Coordinator:

This individual will identify opportunities to promote our rescue, and show off our adoptable dogs.

They will be responsible for recruiting, and managing a team of volunteers that will attend these events. 

We need drivers to transport dogs to vet appointments.

This is typically from Hartland to Waukesha on weekday mornings.
We also need drivers to transport dogs from Hartland to Madison and Green Bay, and sometimes IL.

The days and times depend on the situation.

All volunteers do need to be 18 years or older.

If you are interested the next step is to go to our Volunteer Form below. 

You will also need to complete our Volunteer Contract.

Interested in Fostering a Fluffy Dog?

We do not offer a Foster-to-Adopt program.

You must foster at least three dogs before you will be considered for adoption.

​We require a minimum of a six month commitment for new fosters.

We couldn't do what we do without the help of foster homes.
Foster homes are where dogs stay while they are waiting for their forever home.
This may be one week or one year, but the typical fostering period is about six weeks.
All you have to do is open your home to a dog and give it all the love you can.
Most dogs are not housebroken, and you are the front line for training.
It can be trying at times, but to see them go to wonderful forever homes makes one forget the pair of shoes they lost through the process.

The dogs that are in need of foster homes are listed as such on the site.

We ask that you are flexible with the choice of a foster dog within your parameters that might be size or sex.

We do require that our foster parents are a minimum of 24 years of age, and do not have children under the age of six in the home. 

Fosters become part of our team, and we put considerable effort and expense into getting them up and running.

With that said we expect that they make a commitment to foster for at least six months.

Once approved to foster, we will ask you to sign the foster contract below.

Please review it and the Foster Information Sheet prior to applying.

If you are wanting to Foster a dog, please complete the Adoption Application on the How to Adopt page and indicate that you are looking to Foster under Dog's name.

Fluffy Dog Rescue