Thank You For Your Donation!

​​​Fluffy Dog Rescue is a private rescue.

This means we do not receive any funding, other than adoption fees and private donations.

Each of our dogs will receive a spay or neuter, rabies and distemper vaccines, heartworm tests,

worming, flea protection and heartworm pills monthly and a microchip.

We have paid our vets to perform cataract removal surgeries, femur head removals, amputations,

enucleations, and treatment for various bacterial and viral infections.

The funding for all of this comes out of adoption fees and private donations.
Our Fluffy Dogs appreciate your help.

We are charged 3.5% for donations made through the donation button below.

Donations in check form can be sent to:
Fluffy Dog Rescue email for the address:

Thank you to:

Dawn in memory of Shamus, Joan in Hilbert, Nice Ash Bar,

Cara in Sun Prairie, Joan in Hilbert, The Christensens, Christine in Hartland, 

Sharon in Oregon, Lynn in Stone Bank, Diane in Hartland, Joan in Hilbert, In Honor of Nolan M.,

Jolene & Julie, Pam in Delafield, In Honor of Betsy & Steve on their Birthdays,

Max & Neo, K9 Ballistics, Nylabone, The Menomonee Falls Cub Scouts,

Mary Ellen in West Bend, In Loving Memory of our Cavalier Charlie,  In Memory of Dora,

Gail, Claudia, In Honor of Buddy Brown, Jennifer,

In Honor of Nolan's 8th Birthday, Brendan & Joan, Paulette & Debra, 

Robert & Mary in Honor of Flora, In Honor of Betsy & Steve, Deanna,

Laura in Hartland, Diane in Honor of Fluffy Dog Callie, Doris & Rick,

Hudson & Nolan in Pewaukee, John in McFarland, Patty, Cynthia, Tegan,

Adam, John in McFarland, Pippin's Plugins, Celeste & Frank, In Honor of Mal & Dan,

Kathy & Debby, Fran, Patrick & Juniper, 

Amy, Mary, Ann, Judy, Valerie, Irene, Samantha, Mallory,

Colleen, Gail, Donna, Corey, David, Mary, Brandy, Rita

Currently we are in need of: leashes, small collars, chews, paper towels, tall kitchen garbage bags, 

bleach, laundry detergent, and soft canned food (paste).

If you want to organize a fundraiser, just let us know.

Nice Ash Cigar Bar
323 W. Main Street

No limit Texas Hold'em Poker Tourny
$20 buy in and $5 goes to Fluffy Dog Rescue
Check the website for dates
Usually 2nd and 4th Sundays at 1:30

Thank you for your continued support!

​Piper Rose was found on the side of the road in Alabama after being hit by a car. She had a broken pelvis and displaced femur.

Might you be able to help with her medical expenses?

Fluffy Dog Rescue