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For Food and Treats please visit our retail store inside:    
Tail Waggin' Doggy Daycare 
647 Industrial Ct., 
Hartland, WI

(This is not Fluffy Dog Rescue. There are no dogs available for adoption at this location.)

Home Delivery

Delivered to your door for the same price as the store.

* Easy-order when you need, or go with our monthly auto-order program.
* Fresh from the distributor. Has not been sitting on a store shelf.

*Direct to your door. No special trips or carrying of heavy bags.
*Delivery while you are home or away.
*Pricing is the same as you would pay in the store with free delivery.
*Supports Fluffy Dog Rescue

Free Delivery throughout Lake Country and Free Drop Off at locations in Milwaukee and the four county area.

If you are out of that area please let us know, so we can set up a route for you. 

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